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The classic bob haircut never seems to fails us. Always sleek, sophisticated and manageable, it works with every conceivable style choice and situation, going from demure to dangerous with a little imagination and a few styling aids. See how the most AND BOB’S YOUR UNCLE:- It’s summery Shammi Kapoor:When he wasn’t busy shaking his twinkle toes or sending women in feverish glee,Shammi Kapoor made the ducktail hairstyle with the fringe a big style statement with any guy who was even the C Hairstyles reflect changes in women’s status in the workplace, too. The demise of the Gibson Girl bouffant and the rise of the bob was related to the expanding opportunities as a result of the social upheaval of the First World War – an early I got tired of doing what people wanted me to do,” says Rihanna, who reckons that the razor bob haircut “changed everything But Rihanna never expected her new ‘do to inspire an exodus of women rushing to the salon for the same cut (much like the The blonde debuted a new undercut hairstyle which saw the locks on the right side of her head shorter than the rest of her tresses. The remainder of her bonnet featured a side-swept long fringe which fell into her usual short bob ‘do. It’s a look which To supplement the boyish, or garçonne, look of the 1920s, many women adopted the “bob.” This extremely short hairstyle evolved during WWI as a convenience for women working during the war and remained fashionable in the subsequent decade. .

The Guns N’ Roses rocker, 51, debuted his straight, reddish hair in a shorter, wavy bob on Monday several young women piled into the cab with him. Rose’s new haircut was a bit disheveled, but no one seemed to notice. The musician and Stylish young women from all Zip Codes come here for sleek, feminine, just-edgy-enough cuts. When Garren razored supermodel Carmen Kass’s long blonde locks into a jagged-edge bob last fall, he started the year’s biggest hair trend. An appointment with Some of the other models are taking their hair above their shoulders and in the salon, women are can’t a sharp bob also be sexy? We contacted Victoria’s Secret to discuss Kloss’ extensions and their choice to hide or showcase her new haircut, but haircut has been named as the most influential hairstyle of all time. The stunning actress made the layered bob famous in the mid-nineties when she played Rachel Green in the hit sitcom ‘Friends’, sparking millions of imitations around the world. .

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